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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Potluck at Manière Noire

Potluck at Manière Noire:  An event with drinks, appetizers, and economic words

Dear friends, dear colleagues, dear art enthusiasts, 

We gather on the 4 August  at 7 pm to meet, exchange, and clink glasses. As some of you might have heard, Manière Noire was one of the awarded spaces from the Berlin Senate. This award is a reward, recognition and high esteem for the past activity. Seen in terms of future, it will facilitate further continuance of a place where ideas, artists and curious people meet.  

We start at 7 pm: Majla Zeneli from Manière Noire will take care of the drinks. Anke Becker hangs new pieces from the series "economic words" The guests are kindly asked to contribute with some appetizer for the buffet.

The economics absurdly affects our decisions and lives at every moment. The news (online or printed) just affirms the ubiquitous oddities or logic streaming from the business world. The Financial Times (FT) with its so characteristic salmon taint, and a daily newspaper with a special emphasis on business and economic news, serves Anke Becker as a base for her riposte.
Anke’s interventions consist on taking away or blackening the surplus information. However, the initial text of the article is still legible. Economic news becomes "economic words". Under erasures (sous rature) Anke Becker alters business facts into stunning brief poetries, so the reality gets more bearable.

Anke Becker is an artist based in Berlin. There have been numerous undertakings between her and Manière Noire.

Friday, 4th of August / 7 pm
Maniére Noire
Waldenserstr. 7A
10551 Berlin

FB-Event See you there!